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Articles from October 2015

Simple Machines

Mr. Farnum and Mr. Boyd came to Prescott to teach our 3rd grade students about simple machines as a part of their Becoming a Scientist Expedition. Click the link below to see pictures of our scientists at work.

Patriotic Mural

Our 5th graders painted a Patriotic Mural on the Prescott side walks. Thank you to Ms. Recker for raising  money for materials for the painting. Click the link to see pictures of our students working on the Mural.

The Prescott Promise

During morning meeting in the month of September, 4BF have been learning about on what the Prescott Promise means. They used an app called Shadow Puppet EDU to create their own videos about the Prescott Promise. Click here to see their projects.

Cash for Caps!

Prairie Farms is now offereing double points for their Cash for Caps program until October 31st.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 6.31.35 PM

1.  Purchase Prairie Farms milk in gallon or half gallon sizes.
2.  Peel off the Prairie Farms cap sticker to reveal a unique, redeemable code.
3.  Go to the Prairie Farms Our Caps Your Cause Redemption Page.
4.  Select Prescott Elementary School, Dubuque, Iowa from the menu.
5.  Enter one code per box.
6.  Click the Redeem Codes Button.

There is also a link for Prairie Farms Our Caps Your Cause Redemption Page on our Parents Page.